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Patient Safety Bundle

The Missouri Perinatal Quality Collaborative is pleased to launch the Cardiac Conditions in Obstetric Care Patient Safety Bundle — a critical initiative to support early identification and referral to treatment of perinatal cardiovascular issues. The most recent MO Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review Board three-year report cited perinatal cardiovascular issues as the second leading cause of maternal death in MO, with approximately 72% of those deaths occurring 43 to 365 days postpartum. Cardiac-related issues also are a leading cause of severe maternal morbidity.

Key outcomes of the CCOC Collaborative include the following:

  • Implement perinatal cardiovascular screening during prenatal and postpartum phases.

  • Identify referral options for perinatal cardiovascular specialty care.

  • Understand the link between perinatal cardiovascular health and long-term health risks.

  • Increase ability to accurately collect social determinants of health data and apply it to mitigating risks for birthing people with perinatal cardiovascular risk and disease.


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