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COVID-19, TTC, and Pregnancy: A Roundtable Discussion

On January 14, 2021, Modern Fertility hosted a roundtable discussion with Dr. Jane van Dis, Dr. Eduardo Hariton, and Dr. Temeka Zore on the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy. In case you missed it live (or you’re in the mood for a re-watch), here’s the recording of the full convo. Looking for more fertility info? Check out these resources from the Modern Fertility blog:

  • Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine if you’re TTC or pregnant? Here’s what the experts say. (They covered most of this in the panel, but the article is a great recap.)

  • Having the “TTC convo” with a partner? Check out these 5 tips for navigating a conversation about trying to conceive during the pandemic.

  • Modern Fertility surveyed 4K people with ovaries to understand what’s going into their decision to get pregnant (or not) right now. Dive into the data.

  • With everything going on in the world, are you looking for some mental and emotional support? Check this out.

  • Modern Fertility spoke with 4 members of the Modern Community to understand why they decided to test their fertility hormones at home during COVID-19. Read their stories.

If you are getting the vaccine, consider contributing to research: You can sign up for this registry for tracking pregnant or lactating people who are vaccinated, and join UCSF’s ASPIRE study, a nationwide prospective cohort study of pregnant people during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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