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DSS Releases Fentanyl Case Review Subcommittee Report

The Missouri Department of Social Services published a report from the Fentanyl Case Review Subcommittee in response to the alarming trends outlined in the Child Fatality Review Program 2022 Annual Report, which saw a staggering 614% rise in fentanyl-related deaths among children in Missouri from 2022 to 2024.

The Subcommittee recommended changes in the following fundamental areas, including:

  • Investigation and Safety Protocols of Children’s Division

  • Behavioral Health referral and integration among system partners

  • Use and expansion of substance use treatment programs across the state

  • Accessibility of drug testing

  • Effective Public Education, including Child Welfare Practitioner Training on the dangers of fentanyl and appropriate responses

Learn more through the DSS Media Release and review the full report linked above.


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