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HHS Visits St. Louis to Discuss Maternal and Infant Health

In early April, the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) made their first stop in St. Louis as part of a multi-city tour to discuss concerning maternal and infant health outcomes. Carole Johnson, Administrator of The Health Resources & Services Administration within HHS, and other leaders also came to St. Louis, where they held the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Infant and Maternal Mortality (ACIMM) Meeting. This was only the second time in the ACIMM history that a meeting was held outside of Rockville, MD. They chose St. Louis to learn about the factors contributing to inequities in maternal and infant health, as well as listen to stakeholders discuss innovative solutions and recommendations. The visit to St. Louis will inform the ACIMM’s report of recommendations for addressing racial disparities. The ACIMM was welcomed by Mayor Tishaura Jones and Maxine Clark

Throughout the convening, roundtable discussions fostered participant collaboration and set the stage for understanding challenges, best practices, and opportunities for action to improve maternal health in Missouri. Featured topics included:

  • Expanding awareness of maternal mental health hotline

  • Connecting people to benefits and social services

  • Increasing early engagement in prenatal care

  • Ensuring services in high need communities


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