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Press Release: YCHC and Phelps Health are Elevating Local Pregnancy Services

Your Community Health Center (YCHC) in Rolla, MO and Phelps Health together are improving access for pregnant women to receive health care at every stage of their pregnancy. Both organizations recognize that many women in our communities need pregnancy services. To expand access, Your Community Health Center is now providing OB/GYN services.

“We are excited to expand prenatal and GYN for our patients,” explains Matthew Porter, MD, YCHC Medical Director. “We appreciate Phelps Health’s partnership to expand pregnancy services and we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Williams to our medical team.”

Sonja Williams, DO, currently works at Phelps Health and is completing a fellowship in addiction medicine at Saint Louis University.

“Access to medical services is one key to a healthy baby but dental and behavioral health services, housing, nutrition and help with health insurance are just as important for an expecting mother to receive,” says Stuart Gipson, Chief Executive Officer at YCHC. “We are here to help mothers access all the needed services for a healthy pregnancy for them and their babies, we are designing a one-stop shop for pregnancy care.”

YCHC now offers walk-in free pregnancy tests with no appointment needed. This free service is available to all women in our community, and it is not a requirement to be a current patient. To receive a test a woman can walk-in or call to schedule an appointment. Results are provided within about 30 minutes and those with a confirmed pregnancy will be provided information on maternity care, insurance options and an opportunity to schedule an initial prenatal visit.

Dr. Williams Bio

Sonja Williams worked as a psychiatric aide prior to nursing school and then attended medical school at Pikeville College. She returned home to Missouri after completing her residency training and joined Phelps Health in 2016. Dr. Williams has special interests in general obstetric and gynecologic procedures; functional medicine; bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT); naturopathic treatments; and educating women on their overall health and wellness.

Dr. Williams will begin seeing patients at YCHC on May 21st. To schedule a pregnancy test or an appointment text or call YCHC at (573) 426-4455. Texting services are secured messaging.


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