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Lung Association Partners with Equity and Health Orgs to Provide Vaccine Toolkit

The American Lung Association is pleased to share their new Better For It Vaccine Toolkit. The Association partnered with The Center for Black Health and Equity and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health to develop materials that will help to reduce the spread of disease by increasing awareness and offering trusted resources on the benefits and importance of immunizations, particularly in communities disproportionately affected.

The toolkit is an opportunity for individuals and communities to:

  • Supplement their own research on vaccines, especially the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Start a dialogue with friends, their physician, pastor and family members

  • Share accurate information on social media

  • Get to know the contributions of African American scientists and public health advocates who are helping to bring this pandemic to an end

You can download the toolkit for use in your community by visiting When you download it, you can e-mail Rachel Sanford (, and the Association will send you 20 fabric face coverings and some hand sanitizers for your organization/clients!

You are also invited to join two capacity building workshops. The trainings are being held in partnership with The Center for Black Health and Equity on February 4 and February 10. Registration for both workshops is below:

February 4: This training is designed to provide a road map within communities to engage a greater segment of the population they serve. We will take a deep dive into establishing a collaborative process for inclusion of a representative, diverse and targeted population for the subject of vaccines. Speakers will use tools such as 9 questions as a guide to help frame the message that will provide a unifying for their community. Register here

February 10: This webcast will focus on hearing back from the communities and how they defined the needs of their community. It will serve as a listening session that should help other communities see a unique expansion of their thought patterns. Register here

Header image credit: Better For It Vaccine Toolkit


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