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New Publication on Maternal Transport

Maternal transport: an opportunity to improve the system of risk appropriate care” has been published in the Journal of Perinatology. This was written in partnership with the Ohio Department of Health.

Authors: Carla DeSisto, Reena Oza-Frank, David Goodman, Elizabeth Conrey, and Cynthia Shellhaas

There was also a nice editorial that was published about the manuscript. The work involves use of Ohio MMRIA data from 2010-2016 to examine maternal transport among pregnancy-related deaths. Among 15 deaths that were identified as potentially preventable by transfer to a higher level of care, 5 were transported between hospitals. Contributing factors for 14 deaths included inadequate response by EMS and lack of transport to a higher level of care.

The results suggest opportunities for improving EMS and hospital transport protocols for pregnant and postpartum women: Improving risk-appropriate maternal care systems is important for preventing pregnancy-related deaths.

Feel free to circulate as appropriate.

Header image credit: From Erase MM notification from CDC


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